Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Detail of strange sunken garden at the Advance Camp of the DMZ.

What would Coyote Do? sticker at the Freedom Bridge (for Erika), with messages and prayers tied onto fence.
Because the DMZ has been mainly off limits to humans for the past 50+ years, numerous endangered species have returned, and it is studied widely by biologists and environmental scientists.
Tourists with security mirror.
The DMZ Panmunjeom is difficult to describe, as it is so complex and surreal. There were many stops on the tour to various places of historic significance that melded into a perception of the “place” as tragic but also hyper-real simulation of war and peace being held in a state of suspended animation. The series of stops we made were at places with names like Advance Camp, Freedom Bridge, Look-out Complex, Amusement Park, Joint Security Area, Briefing Room, Freedom Village, Bridge of No Return, while seeing from a distance what is called Propaganda Village. These are simultaneously military installations, political symbols, tourist spectacles and sacred spaces for contemplating the losses of the past and desires for the future.

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